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Highest lead generation in the history of

National Medical University

1350% increase in conversions

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O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University is the world class medical university in Ukraine, established in 1841 and accredited with the fourth level of accreditation, the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science. The quality education with the amalgamation of international exposure for the students sets it apart from the other medical universities.

The top medical university of Europe

Improved Keyword Ranking

Increased Conversion Rates

Stratigies crafted to bring results

For the college to come before all its counterparts on Google ranking, we had to get Organic website Visibility. To start with this, we conducted the technical audit for website which covered every aspect of content optimization and internal linking. Simultaneously, mobile SEO and integration of potential keywords in the highlighted part of the website was also done to make it SEO friendly.

Soon after we started with site optimization, we implemented our next strategy by establishing quality back links so that the traffic can be converted into leads. And it proved to be a great move when results started reflecting the figures in terms of conversions and visits.


As it can been seen in the graph, NMU received the maximum number of international student's application in year 2016. Their total student intake increased by 1350% with highest targeted organic traffic in the SERPs.