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Kharkiv Aviation Institute

204% increase in visits

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"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is one of the most renowned universities in the world, providing courses in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. The National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"(KhAI) is a member of International Association of Universities, Global Association & Organization of Industry and Airport Technology. It is also in the International Catalogue and belongs to the Association of higher educational institutions of Kharkiv city INTERVUZ, as well as to the Aerospace Agency of Ukraine.

The biggest aviation university in Estern Europe.

Our Objectives:

To get relevant Web Site Traffic

To obtain Maximum Quality Leads

First of all, we would like to tell you that we treat our clients' projects as our own. We love to care all our projects as a mother cares for her infant. Friends! Challenges or ups and downs are the crucial part of our life which teach us more than our degrees. Our technical engineers never got afraid of them but obtained a unique strength to tackle them all by implementing the best of their knowledge and efforts.

Strategies crafted to bring results:

The first phase of our strategy was the analysis part which included the technical SEO audit of the website to check for any technical glitches.

Next step was finding the potential keywords for the business which will yield maximum relevant traffic to the website.

SEO can never give the desired result for any business if the content optimization part is not covered.  So, we went ahead to integrate LSI keywords in the website content to make it SEO friendly and content rich.

The last step of our strategy was optimizing the On Page and Off Page SEO techniques in such a way that the desired traffic and leads can be traced to our client website. And this proved to be a very successful strategy in terms of relevant traffic and quality lead generation for our client.


2016 marked the highest number of International students' applications for KHAIEDU and their intake increased to 164%. As we can see in the graph, the bounce rate for the website reduced by 57 %.

The visitors for the website grew by a whopping 156%. And, most importantly the visits observed an increase of unbelievable 204%!!!