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"Bhonko" is an open source consumer complaint forum in India, where the aggrieved consumers can register their complaints against the manufacturers, companies, brands, defective products, bad services, government & public issues, domestic issues, etc. and provides optimum solutions for each problem accordingly. In case the aggriever does not comply "Bhonko" helps taking the case forward in the consumer court.

The best platform for online complaints in India

For Bhonko, our challenge was to create awareness in public about this platform. Thereafter, we had to increase the sign ups and new users for Bhonko. So basically, our challenges were:

Visibility / Awareness

Increased Sign Ups & Users

Strategies crafted to bring top results

Bhonko is a consumer forum so in order to make public aware of its existence, we had to look for a medium which should have a wide spread reach and be quite commonly used means among general public. For this purpose, Social Media was the best option. We launched an extensive Paid Campaigning and Organic Promotional Activities on Face book to spread the word about Bhonko and increase its website traffic. This proved to be a very efficient and effective mode of branding for Bhonko and the result was astonishing.


As we can see in the graph, the visitors´ count for Bhonko increased by 276% and the increase in visits was marked by 268%.