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A Dazzler with his MUSE

The BellaCasa Fashion and Retail Ltd, the bedsheet brand in its remodeling phase met us with a competitor in mind and with our artistry they have soared above and beyond their competitor in terms of their recent work. From our first creative photo shoot for their product catalog, we completely changed their outline and set the tone towards more premium and glamorous outlook.

With our artistic wand, we did create a midnight Snow White out of Bellacasa. The aftereffect was both tantalizing and dazzling. It made everyone desire for more.

The desire for more effect took the shape of the sizzling storm, and suddenly the bling-bang happened when the mesmerizing diva Jacqueline agreed to get wrapped in Bellacasa style.

We orchestrated very sophisticated and elegant photo shoot, which enhanced the magical aura of Jaqueline.